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Call to Prayer                                                                              November 2021          

Dear Partners

We trust you are all well and encouraged as you are serving God.   

This may seem early, but, as the year ends, we want to thank each and every one of you for your support and contribution to this ministry over this past year. Whether it was prayer, financial support, phone calls, WhatsApp messages or visits, thank you. It has been a year full of interesting developments and learning. Of course, our enemy was active and brought about some frustrations and unnecessary difficulties, but in the end, God’s good hand was with us and has helped us through. He has blessed the work and we have seen some positive results with way too many things happening for us to report on. Praise God for these.

Like so many other things, Covid 19 was a factor in all we did. Trying to get used to wearing a mask all the time, and not succeeding, has been one of the small irritating things.

Overall we have been encouraged in this ministry and we have been thankful for this ministry. We started the year in lockdown so we conducted services over zoom and virtual visits as much as we could. Standing in the pulpit every Sunday morning preaching at a camera and an empty auditorium was a learning experience. Once the lockdown was lifted, we started meeting in person as soon as possible, maintaining all the required protocols for Covid. God has been very gracious to us. At the beginning of February, we had 26 in-person attending with 12 zoom connections and 11 children at the Sunday school. To God be the glory, last Sunday (7 November) we had 60 adults and 23 children in the service with 4 zoom links and 23 children in the Sunday school. Please pray for the salvation of every single person. Most of the children do not come from any sort of Christian background and have no idea what is expected or how to behave. This makes for very interesting learning experiences for all of us. Many of those that attend the services are refugees and migrants from various places in Africa. This gives us many great ministry opportunities and some interesting problems to solve. Please pray that God will continue to work in and through the team working together.

Praise God and pray with us for His good hand on the ministry this past year.

. This is our mission month. We will have a missions weekend exposing all those who come to mission work and encouraging people to read mission biographies. We will also have an Epic Solution business training course to help people run their own businesses, either here in South Africa or in their home countries.

Please pray for our November activities

, inviting the parents to attend Sunday school prize giving and a Carols service. Two Saturday morning outreaches into the neighbourhood. Pray that, as the Gospel is presented, many of the parents and visitors will be saved and encouraged.

Please pray for our December programs

We urgently need two sets of workers, to run the junior youth and the senior youth on Friday evenings. We also need to find a solution for transporting the children to and from the ministry. Please pray as we restart the year and many of the ministry activities such as the Sunday school and the midweek Bible studies. We are looking forward to starting the year with a week of prayer in January.

Please pray for January – for more workers in our ministry.

To put you in the picture, Sonia and I will be on leave for most of November. Once again, thank you for your partnership in every way in this ministry. We are deeply humbled and thankful for all that God has provided and done in us and through us during this past year.

Yours in His Royal Service

Henry & Sonia Jooste

Yours in Christ alone,

Henry & Sonia

Henry & Sonia Jooste , 
Skype add: henry.jooste         

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They are all doing a great work to reach people for the Lord. So they need all our support and prayers!

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