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Stav’s News, January 2022

Eswatini. (Swaziland).  Please continue to pray for peace and wisdom for the leadership of the country.  It is quiet but not looking good.
Change of role.  Stephen is handing some of the Chief Engineer tasks to Tobi in anticipation of Stephen taking on the role of Station Director again, for four months from the end of April until early September, while the Clarks are on furlough in Canada.
DX letters .  Lorraine is still auditioning some English programs.  This job is getting smaller, as TWR is branching out in more vernacular languages.  She is still answering the DX-letters and trusting the Lord for the DXer’s   salvation. An answer to her prayers is that Britta Pfeiffer our TWR neighbors has agreed to help. Lorraine has begun training her.  This will be especially helpful during times when we are away. 
Staff.  Please continue to pray for the Lord to provide us with another engineer. .  
Extending the reach from Eswatini.   We are very privileged because God still uses Shortwave and Medium wave to reach, people where internet and FM is not available or affordable.  We don’t have a second antenna to reach Somali and Southern Sudan yet.  Negotiations are at a standstill.  We appreciate your prayers so we can increase the ministry from here. 
Recently a tower needed to be repaired.  Thank the Lord for a good and successful repair done by a local professional welder.

Family .  We are thankful for a good trip to South Africa to renew our passports and another to visit family and take a break. 
Isa 63:1   Who is this who comes from Edom, in crimsoned garments from Bozrah, he who is splendid in his apparel, marching in the greatness of his strength? “It is I, speaking in righteousness, mighty to save.” 
We thank the Lord for your support and partnership with us in the Gospel.
     Stephen & Lorraine                              

Listener response: -
Short Wave to Sudan: -
“I had a great meeting with the pastor from Sudan on Saturday, pastor X.  I was very encouraged to hear his report about the radio distribution trips which he made to the mountains around Khartoum. He was able to interact with the listeners who have received the radio sets and were able to tune in. Consequently, they came back to pastor X frequently to say that they've been listening and have been encouraged by the words that they could hear on the broadcast. This is the kind of feedback we expect because these people will never write in normal ways.  As you know these people are scattered in small villages in the mountains and the radio is their only chance to listen to the good news. Online media is not an option, no Internet access, so I believe this project just came on time. We are very encouraged by this good news, and we will continue to distribute radios so more people can tune in and listen to the word of God. Please keep this venture in your prayers, pray for the pastor, his wife, and the team from the church as they travel to these areas to minister to people and made these radio sets available to them.”
Listener Spotlight
“I have had a very difficult life. My father left us to be with another woman. He never took care of us after that. My mother married a few times. I never knew a person whom I could call ‘father.’ My youth was very difficult, and I did not trust men because of my upbringing. The god I knew was a god far away, and I was not in his interest. After a bad day I found your channel. I started listening to the music, and after the program I felt something in my heart. After four months I accepted Christ in my life. Now I have a father who calls me precious and takes care of me, whom I can trust and is merciful and full of love. I can’t describe what that means to me and how my heart feels free now. Thank you!” – A listener in Turkey

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16.02 | 11:22

They are all doing a great work to reach people for the Lord. So they need all our support and prayers!

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