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Greetings to you all in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ

I first want to take this opportunity to thank God for his grace, and many thanks to you, the family of God. I am grateful to have you in my life. Thank you for all your prayers and support as well as phone calls from some individuals. May God Almighty remember you and your ministry.  

 I’m doing fine by God's grace.  As the Bible says in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 “Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus”

I know that it may seem like a challenging thing to do, but when we take time to think about the blessings of God in our lives, we would be far better off than dwelling on the things we see as unfavorable.  Since my husband's passing, there have been many times I find things becoming difficult. Especially things we did together. Now that I have to do it alone, it's hard. Emotionally it has been a big struggle for me, but I cannot lose the hope I have in our Lord Jesus Christ. 


I have been back in the ministry since the 1st of September 2021. I found that I couldn’t do much, and had to join a grief and loss program that really helped me.  

Coming into January 2022, we focused on planning and the identifications of new children that could become beneficiaries of our ministry. February, we started with children's discipleship classes which grew day by day in number. Children are keen and committed to our programs. 

It is really encouraging to see their involvement. This is why we say that Children are not only the future of the country, but also the church of tomorrow. We see the value of reaching the next generation for Jesus through the work of evangelism and discipleship.

We want to take our ministry to children a step further.  We are blessed that this year we could organize our holiday program with them. 

The first day we took them to a playground.

We unfortunately had an incident where a child was injured. We then decided to keep all the activities indoors for the rest week.  We are now heading into the second week of our Holliday program and we ask you to:


  • Please pray that we finish the Holiday program without any incidents again. 
  • Pray for the Team (our staff) for strength as they received a large group of children every day.
  • Pray that God may continue to strengthen me, to use me and grant me wisdom.
  • I got my learners License and now I am doing the driving lessons. Please pray that all goes well and also that I get the license.
  • We placed the discipleship class and other activities on hold for the Holiday program and will start once the schools open again. Pray that God may reach the hearts of the children as they seek Him and that they recognize God's power in their lives and choose to follow Him.
  • The Centre has been under different attacks the past few months. Please pray for the protection of children as well as the staff. 
  • Pray for God's wisdom for the leadership in dealing with their staff and those on the outside. 

Bank Details:   Standard Bank, Blue Route Branch, Branch Code 025609,

Account Name: SIM Southern Africa, Account Number: 072877014.


“DONOR’S NAME / PIDIPIDI / and Support or Ministry or Personal / Member number 39917”

Please e-mail or fax the office with details of the donor’s deposit and postal address for facilitating accounting and allocation.

SIM Southern Africa P O Box30027, Tokai, 7966  Tel: 021 715 3200 Fax: 021 715 3220 Email: za.finance@sim.org

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16.02 | 11:22

They are all doing a great work to reach people for the Lord. So they need all our support and prayers!

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